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8 Actionable Tips on Stress Management for Kids

Stress Management for Kids

Many children cannot cope up with increasing stress. If not identified and treated at the right time, it can lead to behavioral problems and affect the child in future. Excess stress can lead to problems like stomach upset, colitis, migraine, irritability, tantrums, or even complete withdrawal.
 Madhura Pandit
 Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018

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Children can be stressed due to factors related to school, family, peer pressure, etc. Examinations and scores are found to be the major causes of worry in children. Similarly, stress can be caused if the child finds out that he/she is different from others due to any physical deformity. Similar to adults, children can also suffer from stress. As it can affect a child physically and psychologically, following stress management methods are extremely important. Here are some simple and easy-to-follow techniques for the same.
Stress Management Techniques
father and son talking
~ Many times, it is observed that children do not discuss their problems with parents. Healthy communication between parents and children is essential to understand and solve children’s problems.

~ Parents should keep a check on any unusual behavior of the child, and make sure there is a regular and healthy communication between them.

~ Children often observe and learn from the attitude of the parents. It is necessary for parents to have a positive attitude and also inculcate it in children. Negativism often leads to worry and stress, whereas, optimism can help to relieve stress. Parents must try to convince their child that there can be a solution to every problem and they do not have to worry too much.
mother giving a hug to her daughter
~ Physical touch is very important for a child. Parents should not hesitate to hug or convey their love, care, and concern to their child. Parents must make a child realize that they, as parents, will always be there to support and protect him.
~ Sports and games are effective stress busters. Playing outdoor games, as well as other stimulating games like puzzles, darts, and card games helps in refreshing the mind.

~ Breathing exercises, walking, cycling, stretching exercises, punching, kick-boxing, etc., are helpful. Aerobic exercises or dance is also recommended.

~ Friends play an important role in a child’s life as children are more comfortable talking and being with them. Children of all age groups need time to relax and enjoy with their friends. Make sure that you child spends time with other like-minded children. Similarly, playing with pets or enjoying any fun activity can help.
~ Parents must try to be involved (not interfere) in their kid’s activities whenever possible. They should not ignore or overlook symptoms of stress or other behavioral problems.